MP acknowledges passing of Ian Judge (Reg.No 439721 L.R.D.G DIV.CAV)

Thursday, March 10, 2016


MP for Papakura Judith Collins has acknowledged the passing of one of the last remaining veterans of the Long Range Desert Group, Ian Judge, who died on 5th March 2016, aged 94.

“Mr Judge was remembered in Hamilton today,” says Ms Collins.

“Mr Judge served with the World War Two Long Range Desert Group in operations in Leros, Greece. He was one of 12 selected from 240 who applied when he joined in 1943 and he trained in the mountains of Lebanon and Syria before being sent to the Greek Island of Leros.

“The Long Range Desert Group was one of the first Special Forces units of the Second World War. Its members were experts in desert navigation and carried out covert patrols, intelligence missions and some combat operations from behind Italian lines. It was also active in Greece, The Balkans, Libya and Tunisia. Because of its expertise in desert navigation and survival it often guided others, including the British Special Air Service.

“The Group was a unit of very brave men who faced incredible danger fighting behind enemy lines. The characteristics we associate with these servicemen – courage and determination, tempered with humour – are qualities all New Zealanders can aspire to.

“Mr Judge and his wife Peggy have been hard-working and loyal members of the NZ Long Range Desert Group Association since 1949 serving as Secretary and Treasurer for more than twenty years. They have worked tirelessly to honour the courage, dedication and legacy of its members

“Mr Judge’s legacy has had a lasting impact on our generation and will continue to inspire future generations,” Ms Collins says.

Ms Collins was made an honorary lifetime member of the LRDG in 2012.