Our Values


The foundation of our Party is built on the values of ambition and success; with lower taxes, reward for hard work, and equal opportunity for all at its core.

Since the establishment of the National Party in 1936, our values have not just been words on a page. Their meaning drives our focus, our policy, and they unite our people in a common purpose.

Empowering individual freedom and choice, personal responsibility, and caring communities is about making sure New Zealanders take ownership of their own future. Setting a good example for future generations.

We believe that Kiwis deserve a Government that will deliver opportunities for them and their families to get ahead, not take them backwards.

National have a proven track record of doing the hard work required to deliver real solutions to the serious issues facing Kiwis today. It’s not easy, but it’s solving these problems that really change lives for the better.

Our values are Kiwi values.

Now that you know more about our values, you should join us and help deliver a National Government.